Manage Sequencers

Also, there are no sequencing machines added by default.

The interface for managing sequencers can be reached through the “Sequencers” link at the top and it is self-documenting.

Some notes on the sequencer fields:

Vendor ID
The ID of the device, e.g., ST-K00100 or NB501000.
A short name of the device, e.g., “HiSeq 4000 in Lab 101”
Machine Model
The machine model.
Slot count
Number of slots in the device (e.g., 1 for NextSeq 500 and and 2 for HiSeq 4000).
Dual index workflow
The dual indexing workflow as described in the Illumina Indexed Sequencing Overview Guide

The Vendor ID is also encoded in the flowcell run output directory name. This information will be used for automatically reverse-complementing the second index on dual indexing based on the device used for sequencing a flowcell.