• Adding UI for fast status updates.
  • Refactoring concept of flowcell state, splitting into sequencing/conversion/delivery.
  • Major refactoring of the UI and data models for automatization.
  • Refactoring API and adding tests for it. Note that the API is still unstable (shown by having version v0), it will become properly versioned from v1 on.


  • Switching to UUID for all public-facing IDs.
  • Adding support for message and multi-attachment upload via API.
  • Adding basic profile page.
  • Switching layout and vendoring JS/CSS dependencies.
  • Adding adapter and quality JSON fields to FlowCell and APIs to set them.
  • Some layout / UI refinements.
  • Adding unstable API, mostly read-only except for what is needed for automated demultiplexing and QC.
  • Adding UI for generating REST API login tokens.
  • Allowing to specify message on login screen via environment variable.
  • Adding version to stick footer.


  • Fixing display of libraries.


  • Initial release. Everything is new.