Installation Overview

Flowcelltool has been developed using the The Twelve-Factor App principles. This means that deployment is easily possible on a wide range of platforms, including “classic” virtual machines as well as PAAS servers.

Here, the following installation options are documented:

Install on Heroku
Heroku is a platform as a service (PAAS) provider. Flowcelltool can be installed as a “free plan” application with a few clicks and without software to install on your local computer.
Install on Flynn
Flynn is an open source effort for easily providing self-hosted PAAS services, similar to Heroku.
Install using Ansible
Install on a virtual machine. We document the necessary steps in an Ansible playbook. You can look at the Ansible playbook to figure out the steps for a manual installation.
Install Locally (Dev)
Create a local setup for the development of Flowcelltool.

After installation, refer to Getting Started for information on getting the big picture.s