Install Locally (Dev)

This section describes how to setup Flowcelltool in a virtualenv in a development environment.


  1. Install and configure Postgres.

  2. Create a user and database for the application in the database. For example, flowcelltool_user with password flowcelltool_user and a database called flowcelltool. Also, give the user the permission to create further Postgres databases (used for testing).

    You have to make the credentials in the environment variable DATABASE_URL:

    $ export DATABASE_URL='postgres://flowcelltool_user:flowcelltool_user@'
  3. Install Python 3 (>= 3.4)


Next, clone the repository and setup the virtual environment inside

$ git clone
$ virtualenv -p python3 .venv
$ source .venv/bin/activate

Then, install the dependencies

$ pip install --upgrade pip
$ for f in requirements_*.txt; do pip install -r $f; done

Now, you can run the tests

$ python test

Then, initialize the database:

$ python migrate

Finally, start the server

$ python runserver

Continuing From Here

Now, continue with the Getting Started guide or read on Email sending and LDAP authentication in Configure Advanced Features.